Action Alert: The New START Treaty

Contact your Members of Congress and support the New START Treaty

Pope Francis visits the Peace Memorial in Nagasaki, Japan. Image: Vatican News

Background: August 6th and 9th, 2020 mark 75 years since the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki endured the use of atomic weapons. The New START Treaty between the United States and Russia is set to expire in February 2021, and we could lose the progress we’ve made toward nuclear disarmament. Under New START, long-range deployed nuclear warheads were reduced to 1,550 each and robust on-site inspections were held.  If New START expires, there would be no legally binding, verifiable limits on the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals for the first time since 1972.

Catholic Social Teaching: Pope Francis is continuing a long history of Catholic teaching in calling for the elimination of indiscriminate and disproportionate weapons of mass destruction, including U.S. bishops’ support of a ban on U.S. nuclear weapons testing.  Pope St. John XXIII called for a global ban on nuclear weapons in 1963 and subsequent popes have reiterated this goal. Pope Francis says “a world without nuclear weapons is possible and necessary.” 

Applied Catholic Social Teaching: Contact your Members of Congress and encourage them to support the New START Treaty. Use this United States Conference of Catholic Bishops action alert to use your voice for peace!

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