Eco-Friendly Gift Buying

In our care for the environment we should be careful about a consumerist approach to Christmas. Still, there are times when gift buying and product purchases are acceptable and even necessary. When we do buy, let’s seek to prioritize eco-friendly and fair trade products. Jenifer Yoder Garlitz of Citizens Against Ruining the Environment, (C.A.R.E.) shares her thoughts in her blog on Eco-Friendly Gift Buying.

Everyday Environmentalist

These are fair trade baskets I bought from Serrv International. My once junky corner is not junky anymore. I like the way the baskets are so pretty and successfully hide my stuff. Some of the stuff is work files and books that I am keeping at home for now. Go to to find the baskets. Another shop that I frequent for fair trade items is Ten Thousand Villages.

Become an environmentally-friendly shopper! We have the power to improve our environment and to improve the quality of life for people through our purchases. Look for the fair trade label on items that you buy to ensure that they meet both criteria.

According to Eco Watch, eco-friendliness is part of the fair trade label for the following reasons. Products are free of genetically engineered ingredients and limited amounts of fertilizers and pesticides are used. In addition, there is an emphasis on…

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