Plastic Pledge & Giveaway

National Geographic plastic pledge graphic

Plastic waste is a major problem for our environment, especially our waterways. There are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans and 73% of beach litter is plastic. 11 million pounds of plastic enter Lake Michigan every year, which is the drinking water source for more than 6.6 million Illinoisans. Microplastics in our water sources leads to people and animals consuming plastic regularly. The lifespan of most plastics is between 450 – 1,000 years. Plastic is over produced and over consumed. 40% of plastic is single use. Read more plastic facts here.

Laudato Si’ Ministries encourages you to take the National Geographic plastic pledge and make a plan for your own plastic use reduction. Take the pledge here. After you take the pledge enter our Plastic Pledge giveaway to win a kit that will help you reduce your plastic and excess water use. Enter the giveaway here

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